What we offer

The tools offered by Cotrep are aimed at the entire value chain of packaging. General learnings, specific analyzes or test protocols: these ressources help you to develop recyclable solutions while allowing innovation, as soon as from the design stage of your packaging.

Sharing general recommendations

To answer questions across the value chain, Cotrep works on topics of general interest.

All tests and work done for more than 15 years are summarized in the Cotrep Guidelines for recyclability.

The tests and studies carried out are also available in detail in the general notices.

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Supporting industrials

When designing or developing new packaging, Cotrep assists you in evaluating the recyclability of your packaging.

For those who wish to perform tests themselves, test protocols and procedures are available for download.

For some breakthrough innovations, Cotrep can perform an evaluation of the recyclability of your packaging solution (co-financing the test, piloting the test, writing a technical notice).

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Cotrep work in progress

For bottles, Cotrep is studying the impact on recycling of sleeves, PEF or PET aerosols, for example.

For pots and trays, Cotrep is investigating the impact on recycling of black packaging, PETg, PVC or PS packaging, as well as complex PET trays for example.

Regarding films and flexible packaging, Cotrep will soon work on the recyclability of complex films, the impact of compostable films in the PE recycling stream, and the impact of certain polymers (EVOH, PA, PP in particular) on recycling of PE films.