About Cotrep

Center of resources and expertise on the recyclability of plastic household packaging in France, Cotrep has been supporting the development of more recyclable packaging solutions for more than 15 years.

An operational technical committee at the heart of the French plastic recycling industry

Created in 2001 by Citeo, Elipso, and Valorplast, the Cotrep – Technical Committee for the Recycling of Plastic Packaging – assists manufacturers in the development of recyclable plastic packaging solutions in France. Through its founding members, Cotrep embodies the commitment to improve recyclability of all stakeholders of the household plastic packaging sector.

More than 15 years of action towards plastic packaging recyclability in France

At the request of plastic producers, or household plastic packagingvdesigners, developers or manufacturers, Cotrep tests and verifies their compatibility with sorting and recycling channels in France, whether these packaging exist on the market or are under development. The increasing number of requests received by the committee confirms the responsible attitude of the all actors towards the end of life of the packaging and their effective recycling.

A functioning guaranteeing the confidentiality of the requests from companies and the access to all to public information

The operation of Cotrep is governed by a charter that guarantees the confidentiality of requests for advice on the recyclability of packaging and packaging elements. In order to best help industrials as soon as from the packaging design stage and to enable them to anticipate the end of life of the packaging they produce, all the knowledge produced by Cotrep is publicly available under documents and publications.